13 Exciting Honeymoon Activities You Can Do In Malaysia For A Truly Unique Experience

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Congratulations! You’re officially husband and wife ❤

It’s time to reward yourself after dealing with those unnecessary wedding stress and escape from work for a while.

I mean, you deserve to spend some quality time together after all! This is the beginning of your marriage and what’s a better way to maintain your love for each other than doing some fun activities?

1. Watch sunset + BBQ on a yacht

Sure, going to a luxurious resort is fun and all, but have you ever wished of celebrating your love watching sunset on a yacht?

If your answer is YES, then you’d be happy to know that for only RM230, you will get a full BBQ Dinner Set including free flow drinks, while enjoying the sunset on a sea jacuzzi!

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2. Rejuvenate your body at the Spa


Of course, what is a honeymoon trip without a rejuvenating spa session, right?

Whether you are trying to relax and release stress, loosen tense muscles and improve your skin complexion, or just feel like indulging in some self-pampering, there are plenty of options in Malaysia!

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3. Dine in the sky


One of the best ways to spend your first night of honeymoon is a romantic candlelit dinner. So dreamy ~

You can choose a classic restaurant or a trendy eatery, or perhaps something different, like dinner under the stars or in the sky!

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4. Dine by the sea

Who doesn’t love a romantic dinner by the sea? I know I do!

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5. Visit a paddy field for dinner

If you’re all about exciting experiences, then why don’t you head down to the lush rice paddy fields of Sekinchan, an unspoiled fishing village on the western coast of Malaysia.

Take advantage of the sea’s amazing illusion and start a creative yet mind-boggling photoshoot!

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6. Adrenaline-pumping activities

Mehran Ramsey

This kind of activity will certainly help you bond with each other. Try the craziest thing you can think of, like sky diving.

Whether its mountain climbing, white water rafting, or camping in a cave — whatever you choose, make sure you have a lot of fun because it’s going to be a memorable experience!

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7. Connect with nature

Banjaran Hotsprings
Tadom Hill

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, then take this chance to reconnect with nature! Trust us, your mind, body and soul will thank you.

There are plenty nature retreats which starts from as low as RM90 for two pax! The best part is, they’re located not too far from Kuala Lumpur, so if you don’t want to spend too much time on the plane, then this is perfect for you.

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8. Explore the sea

Take a boat and venture through the lush greenery of the rainforests or soak up the sun on its beautiful beaches.

From only RM30 on Travelog, you can enjoy island hopping to four islands or more!

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9. Scuba Diving

Since you’re already taking a long break for your honeymoon, why not take this chance to learn scuba diving? This is going to be such a worthy experience!

Or if you already have a scuba diving license, then check out these resorts which are designed specifically for divers.

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10. Snorkeling

If you’re not up to dive under the sea, take a romantic stroll down the beach, or just swim in the crystal clear waters.

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11. River Cruise

For those who prefer a more chilled out water activity, then head over to the nearest river bank to have a romantic cruise!

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12. Splurge on luxurious stays

It’s true what they say — you get more when you spend more. This is your honeymoon anyway!

But if you’re frugal like me, don’t worry, because there are plenty of amazing resort deals on Travelog that starts from as low as RM200 per person (including 3 meals daily). You simply cannot miss out.

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13. Play with animals

If you love wild animals but too scared to explore the jungle, fret not, because there are plenty of venues that you can visit.

From RM9, you can head over to a large aquarium at KL Tower or spend a little more at Aquaria to get a maximum underwater experience!

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