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4 Simple Ways You Can Enjoy Quaker Fruity Oats At Different Times Of The Day

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China’s Quaker Crispy Fruity Oats is one of the most fruity oat selections in the market, with flavours ranging from Mixed Berries, Tropical Fruits, Blueberry Nuts and Matcha Red Bean.

These flavours are packed with high-quality imported ingredients – Australia‘s sunshine oats, North America’s cranberry, California Batam’s nuts and Uji Japan Matcha powder.

From left to right: Matcha Red Bean, Mixed Berries, Tropical Fruits, Blueberry Nuts.

Aside from the usual berry and banana fruits, Quaker Crispy Fruity Oats also contains not-so-common offerings such as figs and mangoes. Definitely worth trying!

All fruits are freeze-dried to maintain its nutritional value and texture. It also contains dietary fibre, protein, magnesium and no trans-fatty acid.

Enjoying it straight from the packaging is one of the ways, but it can be plain boring. So here are 4 simple ways to prepare your oats which’ll leave you munching non-stop 😋

1. The OG Breakfast: Oats + Milk


The best way to start your day is a simple and satiety feeling breakfast, and you certainly can play around with oats and milk.

All you need to do is pour in your preferred milk, be it fresh milk, soy milk, almond milk – it just takes 1 minute!

2. Tea Time: Overnight Oats With Yogurt

Get a jar and start filling it with oats and yogurt in alternate layers, and top it up with fresh fruits of your choice.

Leave it overnight in the freezer and voilà! On the next day, you can dig in the jar with layers of love ❤

3. Dessert: Oats + Ice Cream

Having a sweet tooth but want to feel less guilty? You can always add in some oats and fresh fruits to your ice cream.

Give your ice cream some crisps – you won’t regret it!

4. Dinner: Oats + Salad


Do you know that you can actually add oats to your salad?

Yes, you can! So let’s do yourself a favour and get your daily boost of dietary fibre:

You can enjoy as it is or add with milk.
Add it to your yogurt, ice cream or salad.

Do you have any other oats recipes? Feel free to share with us 😉

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