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5 Parts Of Batu Caves You Should Know, Because It’s More Than Just Colourful Stairs

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When you google Batu Caves, you’ll usually only see one image: A massive flight of rainbow-coloured stairs next to a giant golden Hindu God leading up to what is known as Batu Caves.

However, did you know that there are actually 5 different parts of Batu Caves?

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The five parts of Batu Caves are:

1. Ramayana Cave
2. Cave Villa I
3. Cave Villa II (two separate caves)
4. Temple Cave
5. Dark Cave

Ramayana Cave

No cave at Batu Caves is more spectacularly embellished than Ramayana Cave, which boasts psychedelic life-sized 3D sculptures that depict the story of ‘Ramayana’. Entrance fee is RM5.

*Note: The Ramayana is an all-popular epic poem that tells the story of King Rama who must save his kidnapped wife, Sita.

Inside, you can’t miss the giant statue of Kumbhakarna, brother of Ravana, and a deep sleeper (Check out the attempts to wake him with arrows and cymbals).

Cave Villa

One of the two entrances/exits to Cave Villa is right next to the shrines. The entrance fee is RM15.

Once you’ve entered, you’ll see enclosures/caves with loads of birds, bunnies, and iguanas as well as a pool with giant fish. Animals play a big part in these two caves.

However, the second part of the cave is where you’ll find the reptile exhibition — not like the one you’d imagine. Here, the animals look rather sad and malnourished. Therefore, feel free to skip this part if you wanna!

Temple Cave aka *The Batu Cave*

The main cave is known as the Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave and can be accessed by a steep flight of 272 steps.

Climbing up the stairs will bring you into a massive cave with a high vaulted ceiling. The cave serves as a Hindu Temple devoted to Lord Muragan whose 42 meter high gold statue stands guard outside.

Dark Cave

Next up is the Dark Cave, the highlight of Batu Caves. It is said to be home to the Trapdoor Spider, the rarest in the world.

It was once the site of adventure tours, however, it has been closed since February 2019 for conservation activities. No reopening date has been set yet.

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