7 Classic Asian Childhood Candies That Are Still Available Today

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How to know that you are 100% Asian?

You spent half of your childhood hitting the books to get those As, attended countless and endless of tuition classes and music classes after school, and gotta be brave when facing your kiasu kiasi parents — or you’ll face the music.

Despite those traumatic experience, you definitely can’t forget the nostalgic taste of your childhood candies that suffered with you through your homework.

Here are 7 childhood candies that’ll let you reminisce the good ol’ days 🙂

1. Wang Zai Candies

Do you remember Wang Zai, China’s iconic cartoon character bornt in 2007, has big eyes, blushing cheeks and a heart-shaped tongue sticking out?

Wang Zai Candies is a must-have on your childhood candies list, especially its milk candies and gummy candies.

The milk candies have original, red bean milk and strawberry flavour, containing a rich milk fragrance, silky taste and endless aftertaste.

The gummy candies have a sweet and fruity taste, leaving you a superb QQ (elastic) feeling!

Get Wang Zai Milk Candy:

Get Wang Zai Gummy Candy:

2. White Rabbit Candy

Ahhh ~ probably one of the most OG childhood candies of all times, as I type this I can already smell its strong milky fragrance 🤤

The most unique part of this candy: an edible transparent rice paper coated outside of the candy!

This is such a milky chewy goodness, it’s so moreish, leaving you craving for MORE 😍

On top of that, there are several transformations of this candy: White Rabbit Milk and Lay’s White Rabbit Candy Flavour Chips, so creative!

Get White Rabbit Milk:

Get Lay’s White Rabbit Candy Flavour Chips:

3. Hi-Chew Japanese Candy

If you love fruit candy, then Hi-Chew Japanese Candy is a no-stranger to you, one of Japan’s most famous sweet treats since 1975.

This soft candy is juicy, chewy and creamy, it will melt in your mouth and release their real fruit flavour.

Hi-Chew Japanese Candy comes in Sour Lemon, Green Apple and Grape flavour, perfect for someone who loves sour candies!

Get Hi-Chew Japanese Candy:

4. Orihiro Konnyaku Jelly Candy

Aside Hi-Chew Japanese Candy, Orihiro is also another popular confectionery brand in Japan which been around for 48 years.

The best part is that its made from konnyaku, a konjac jelly which has a low-calorie content yet comes in various flavours such as peach, grape, cherry, plum and muscat.

It’s time to add this Japan-imported jelly candy to your guilt-free snack list!

Get Orihiro Konnyaku Jelly Candy: &

5. Japanese Ryukakusan Throat Lozenges

Disclaimer: this is not a medicine to cure your itchy throat, it only serves as a throat-soothing lozenges.

It has a long history of 200 years in Japan, yet continue to evolve till today with original, milk and lemon flavour.

Definitely your go-to lozenges when you need to soothe your throat or to have a clear head before diving into your daily tasks!

Get Japanese Ryukakusan Throat Lozenges:

6. Du Shi Mu Chang Sugar-Free Mints

You can’t resist this candy as its packed in a cute, mini bottle which is the size of your palm.

All thanks to its size, you can conveniently bring it anywhere at any time, be it a trip to the library, a long way drive home – just pop its cap open and simply enjoy it!

Get Du Shi Mu Chang Sugar-Free Mints:

7. Peppa Pig Milk Candy

If watching television is your reward after completing your homework, you might recognise this television series, Peppa Pig started way back in 2004.

Peppa Pig Milk Candy can definitely caught your attention as a cute pink pig is displayed on the striking packaging.

Another milk candy to enjoy aside Wang Zai!

Get Peppa Pig Milk Candy:

Which is your favourite childhood candy? Tell us below! 😉

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