8 Popular Korean Snacks You Need To Try At Least Once

At this time of the year, usually, a lof of people would already be on a vacation or prepping for their annual holiday trip sometime in the coming months.

One of the popular destinations that Malaysians love to visit would be South Korea, mainly for its cool fashion trends, interesting culture and lovely sceneries. On top of that, Korea also has so many unique snacks that are worth trying!

However, even though we’re not allowed to travel yet, fret not, because some of these yummy treats are available in Malaysia:

1. Yoous Lychee Jelly

If you like lychee, these tiny blobs of jelly are dangerously addictive. The unique snack is really high in demand thanks to viral videos on social media.

They’re packed with sweet juiciness and may even surprise you with pieces of real lychee inside. For only RM2.80 each, you’ll want to stock up more of these cuties! Order here.

2. Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips

American television host and comedian, Conan O’Brien himself named this as his favorite snack during this visit to South Korea.

Honey Butter Chips is one of the better snacks to come out of the honey butter craze. Although it’s tough to find in Malaysia, lucky for you, we’ve found an authenthic Korean brand that sells it here! Order here.

3. Bing Bing Ice Cream Cone Snack

Hapi Bing Bing Ice Cream Cone Snack Chocolate Flavor are soft crunchy wafer cones with rich chocolate filling. Try this tasty snack and you will be reminded of your childhood! Order here.

4. Mr Kim 100% Korean Seasoned Seaweed

A healthier snack alternative to potato chips, these roasted seaweed sheets are sufficiently crispy and salty, making them the perfect snack for midnight heart-to-heart talks with your BFFs or movie marathons in your hotel rooms.

Usually lightly seasoned with natural sea salt, these seaweed sheets are addictive and also ideal as side-dishes to go with rice or noodles. Order here.

5. Youus Double Tiramisu Snack

Source: AnakJajan

This snack is very addictive! It’s coated with tiramisu-flavoured chocolate and chocolate powder. It has rice crispy in it, that explains the unique crispy texture.

6. Yakult Yoghurt Jelly

Not only does the packaging take the shape of the actual Yakult bottles, the jelly pieces are also adorably shaped like mini Yakult bottles.

The refreshing taste and chewy texture of the jelly make it perfect for sharing with your besties and a great souvenir to bring home.

7. Inner Beauty Planner Drink

Beauty begins with what you eat…or something like that. This berry-flavoured drink will help you get started with plenty of Vitamin C and E, plus aloe bits to help your skin reach its full potential!

8. Lots and lots of Korean Ramyeon

You can’t really say you’re a fan of the Korean culture unless you’ve checked out the wide selection of Korean ramyeon (instant noodles). Ramyeon is one of the most versatile food ever – you can eat it for lunch, for breakfast, or even as a snack.

From everyone’s favourite a.k.a Shin ramyeon, to more special flavours like Cheese ramyeon and Spicy Chicken Stew ramyeon, one can never get enough of these springy noodles. All of these are perfect for late-night suppers with your friends! Order here.

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