8 Snacks For Your Next Netflix Marathon That Come With No Regrets

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Are you on a quest training for a *coughs* Netflix marathon?

Stranger Things, Money Heist, Crash Landing On You, It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, the long list goes on…

However, it’s definitely NOT OK if you don’t have any snacks as your companion on your Netflix journey!

Here are 8 snacks to gear up before you sit back, relax and Netflix 😉

1. Popcorn

Ahhh ~ nothing is better than a good ol’ bowl of popcorn to munch on 😋

Popcorn is probably everyone’s go-to snack no matter if you are watching a movie in the cinema or simply staying at home enjoying Netflix.

You’ll never get enough of popcorn, coated with yellow tint of butter and topped with caramel, all ready to tickle your taste buds!

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2. Chips

If you prefer savoury snacks, then your Netflix Party won’t be complete without a bag of chips.

All you need are potato chips, enough to satisfy couch potato like you who can’t get your eyes off Netflix all day err day 🙂

Why not have Lay’s Chips? Confirm a classic chips with different flavours from all around the world e.g. US, Thailand and China.

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3. Nuts

If you wanna feel less guilt when snacking, why not have nuts for a healthier option?

Nuts are a great source of fibre and rich in antioxidants. It can also lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

PS: Be careful and don’t go nuts over the actors/actress!

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4. Dried Fruits

Aside nuts, you can also opt for dried fruits on your healthier snack list.

Dried fruits can boost your fibre intake and promote antioxidants as well.

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5. Japanese Mochi

If you are having Anime Night with your friends and crave for Japanese food, then mochi will never fail you!

This chewy glutinous snack always come with several flavours including matcha, red beans and taro yam – common but yet delicious.

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6. Chocolate

Currently on a back-to-back rom-com TV series on Netflix and need something sweet to cure your I-am-done-being-single frustration?

Head over for chocolate, the best snacks to release endorphins, a chemical in your body which can makes you happy.

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7. Nori Seaweed Snacks

Are you addicted to seaweed? Sea kelp!

Jokes aside, seaweed contains high dietary fibre content, multiple vitamins and trace mineral elements.

It’s time to sea-tisfy your seaweed cravings and enjoy it while you Netflix!

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8. Instant Ramen Noodles

Having a sleepover with your chingus and wanna have late night supper? Ramen will do!

Ramen is your best comfort food while you binge-watching your favourite oppas in K-Dramas 😍

Have ramen & Netflix – you are livin’ that life!

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Which is your go-to Netflix snacks? Let us know below! 🤩

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