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Are You A Fan Of Soft-Shell Crab? Then You MUST Try This Bu Dou Mao Crunchy Crab Snack

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Do you like crabs? Well, here’s a snack for you!

These snacks may be something you won’t try in general but it goes well with a nice cold beer or sake.

Tamagogani, a popular Japanese snack made of crunchy dried crabs that gives you a tang of savoury flavour and bring your snack parties to another level.

Taste Review!

These snacks are made from real baby hermit crab which is deep-fried for an extra crunchy texture and well seasoned for a better taste.

The moment you munch on one of them, you can instantly taste the crabby taste hitting your pallet. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavour.

It Comes In A Tightly Sealed Packaging

These affordable snacks come in five unique flavours, fragrant cheese, original, spicy, salt & pepper and milk curry. Personally, I love the spicy flavour!

Do you still doubt how good they taste? Then you’ve got to try them!

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Posted by on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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