Good News, Short People Can Get 1 Metre Of Meat For FREE At This Hot Pot Restaurant

Tall people have always made fun of their smaller-sized friends, but look who’s laughing now, because a hot pot restaurant is giving away a large tray of meat for FREE if you are under a certain height.

Source: Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo

Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo announced on their Facebook page that women under 155cm as well as men under 165cm are eligible for this promo.

However, if your height exceeds the requirement, don’t worry because you just need to bring a short friend when you dine-in!

Source: Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo

Here’s the Facebook post:

Height is not distance, eating meat should not be a stress! Every guest who comes to our store will get a free plate of pork slices up to 1m – if each table has a boy less than 165cm or a girl less than 155cm, but must be over 18 years old. Hurry up and bring along the short friends next to you!

Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo

身高不是距離,吃肉不是壓力!以升高身高換取免費火鍋肉片您聽過嗎?各位矮個子們有福啦!本店將推出限時優惠 即日起凡是來本店光顧的客人每一桌若有男生身高少過165cm 又或者女生身高少過155cm 並且滿18 歲以上…

Posted by 我们这一锅 Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo on Monday, June 1, 2020


The restaurant is located in Kuching, at Gala City, Kempas Heights. So if you’re planning a trip to Sarawak soon, be sure to visit Wo Men Zhe Yi Guo.

Alternatively, if you’re not travelling anywhere in the near future, you can still enjoy hot pot at home with this delicious instant meal which has a self-heating function!

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