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This Ocean Bomb Bubble Milk Tea Will Make Your Life Easier & Instagram Cuter

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Rather than having to visit a bubble tea shop, now you can purchase ready-to-enjoy canned bubble tea drinks here, and avoid long queues during this pandemic.

These ‘Ocean Bomb Bubble Milk Tea’ selections are very convenient as they make it possible for everyone to enjoy the taste of a bubble tea anytime they want. So you’ll always be safe ❤

Let’s talk about the taste!

This bubble tea has a well-balanced and sweet milky taste with a slight twist of boba pearls. Though sweet, it’s not overpowering, which is just nice for Malaysians’ taste buds.

As you sip more and more, you’ll realize that the tapioca pearls have their distinct flavours too!

If we had to describe the taste of this bubble tea in 3 words it’d be balanced, creamy, and addictive.

This Ocean Bomb packaging is super cute and attractive

This affordable canned drink comes in two common flavours, original and brown sugar.

If you’re a true boba fan, then you MUST TRY this Ocean Bomb Bubble Milk Tea!

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I will always love boba 💗..🍥 Buy now:🍥IG:📷: Seoul Korea

Posted by on Saturday, July 18, 2020

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