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Cat & The Fiddle Arrives In Malaysia, Serving HALAL Gourmet Cheesecakes

Cake, cake, cake! This word seems to be a meme trend lately, thanks to a TikTok video that repopularised an old song.

I mean, who doesn’t love cake — Especially when it’s by Cat & the Fiddle, a premium gourmet cheesecake retailer from Singapore that’s famous for its extensive range of local-infused desserts.

Trust us, you will get only the highest quality of taste and texture in every slice!

14 Asian-Inspired Cheesecakes

From classic New York cheesecake to local-infused delicacies, Cat & the Fiddle brings an Asian taste palate to the American cheesecakes.

One of their best sellers includes King Cat of the Mountain cheesecake, which will certainly tantalise you with the rich and exotic flavour of Musang King Durian.

Check out the flavours:

Milo Dinosaur (for obvious reasons, Milo lol)
Maneki Neko (Tangy Yuzu, Lemon and Lime)
Modern Duke’s Pudding (Oreo Cookies & Cream)
Over the Moon (Classic New York)
Queen of Hearts (Sweet Strawberry)
Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang Coffee & Tea)
Sweet & Smokey Taffy (Salted Caramel)
Sicilian Wild Cats (Tiramisu)
Madam Roselle (Roselle Yoghurt)
The Russian Whiskers (Juicy Mangoes)
Emperor’s Romance (Raspberry & Lychees)
Fickle Feline (Various flavours)
Classic New York cheesecake
King Cat of the Mountain cheesecake

Certified Halal

To our muslim friends, in case you’re wondering, all of the confectioneries by Cat & the Fiddle are also certified Halal by the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS)!

In-House Delivery Around Malaysia

On top of that, you can also order cakes from the convenience of your phone. Cat & the Fiddle assures a same-day delivery within just four (4) hours from the time of placing an order.

Perfect for last minute celebrations 😍💖

Note: Treat yourself with any of these cheesecakes and enjoy 20% discount (except Fickle Feline) from 28th of July to 15th of August 2020!

It's never too cheesy to try these premium cheesecakes from Cat & the Fiddle Cakes 😍🧀#deliciouse🍥 Asian Aesthetic…

Posted by on Thursday, 6 August 2020

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