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Chocolate Sauce & Criss-Cut Potato Chips Are The Best Combo Ever!

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When it was first put on the market, many people doubted this product, saying, “There’s no way potatoes and chocolate can go together”.

However, its delicious taste has earned Oishi’s O-Pa-La Chips repeat customers, one after another. It’s now as popular as other chip brands out there!

Let’s Talk About The Taste!

These raw potatoes are wave-cut and fried. They’re thicker than regular potato chips and completely covered in milk chocolate.

Looking at the chocolate side, it’s coated so thick you might think these were chocolate leaves rather than wavy chips. Fortunately, the chocolate is very good, creamy with a smooth chocolate taste.

These potato chips are almost overwhelmed by all the chocolate and mostly adds a satisfying crunch and just a pop of salty fried potato that vanished a little too quickly.

Overall, it’s good milk chocolate with a bit of potato chip crunch that definitely will satisfy your taste buds.

The Packaging Is Super Cuter And Sealed Tight!

These affordable chips come in a party-sized packaging, which has a resealable zip lock to make your life easier. You won’t find this in any other brands.

Do you still doubt how good they taste? Then you’ve got to try them!

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Posted by on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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