Check Out Hai Di Lao’s New Instant Rice Mix – Flavour & Comfort All In One!

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Even if you haven’t been to any Malaysian outlets of Hai Di Lao, you’ve definitely heard of them – the pioneer and epitome of the Chinese hotpot rage that swept the world by storm.

From the crazy queues when they opened their first branch at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, up till now with 6 outlets nationwide, Hai Di Lao’s appeal is still standing firm, even with countless other hotpot outlets popping up everywhere.

Renowned for their amazing service and premium quality food, Hai Di Lao is more than just a restaurant. They have also produced various packaged food under their name, so that you can take home the Hai Di Lao experience.

Besides their famous soup bases and self-heating instant hotpot meals, rice lovers rejoice! Hai Di Lao’s latest series features various flavours of mixed rice, with real ingredients and of course, their tantalising sauces.

Green Pepper Oats, Premium Beef and White Pepper Beef are among the flavours you can choose, each promising flavours and sensations that you cannot resist.

Now that the weather is turning chilly again, warm meals on cold nights sound extra comforting. The best part is the zero hassle involved in the process, from preparation (just add water!) to cleaning up (I mean, it’s just one pot).

Get your Hai Di Lao instant mixed rice here, and pair it off with your favourite show or mukbang video to have a perfect stay-in night!

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Posted by on Friday, August 14, 2020

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