Famous “Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak” Cough Syrup is Now An Ice Cream Flavour

Move over, petai ice cream, we have a new unique flavour in town!

Pei pa koa, the traditional Chinese cough syrup that many Asian kids have grown up with, has apparently become an ice cream flavour in Malaysia.

The herbal remedy, famously known for its memorable slogan “Ubat Batuk Cap Ibu Dan Anak”, has long been used to treat coughs, sore throat, hoarseness, and aphonia.

The minty tasting syrup is actually a concoction of various natural ingredients, including loquat leaf (pei pa koa translates to loquat syrup), Chinese bellflower root, ladybell root, licorice root, coltsfoot flower, fresh ginger, and bitter apricot kernel, among others.

And thanks to Merry Me, a Malaysian ice-cream catering company, you can now enjoy this unique ice-cream which is infused with the traditional ubat batuk flavour.

Source: jingjingicecreambarandcafe

Whether the new gelato actually helps with coughs is yet to be proven, but we sure are curious about the taste!

Looks like netizens are excited about the flavour too, where a Facebook user commented, “Wasn’t this the medicine that tasted really good?”

Merry Me FB Page

On top of that, Merry Me also offers other quirky flavours like tau fu fah, kaya toast, teh tarik, tao sar piah (mung bean paste biscuit), as well as some weird combination flavours like salted egg oreo.

Interested? The online store is based in Penang and KL, and they are available for deliveries within both areas including Ipoh and Kampar.

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