Finding Joy in Japanese Jellies: Kanten & Konnyaku (a.k.a. Guilt-Free Candies)

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Summer is almost here, and since it’s the best time to indulge yourself with some cooling jellies, let’s take this chance to step up on your jelly 411.

Introducing Kanten and Konnyaku — Japan’s most treasured jelly offerings which basically contain zero calories and packed with water-soluble fiber.

Kanten (寒天)


Kanten is the Japanese version of agar-agar in Malay, which surprisingly, is made from seaweed.

This makes the semi-translucent gelatinous substance a great alternative to animal-derived gelatin. In other words, it’s suitable to be consumed by both vegetarians and vegans!

Best part is, kanten is a guilt-free dish as it contains low-calorie content.


Kanten is widely used in producing Japanese desserts such as mitsumame (みつまめ) containing fresh fruits and red beans (pictured above).

Meanwhile, another variation of Kanten is anmitsu (あんみつ) which is served with red bean paste instead. 


Konnyaku (蒟蒻) 


The other type of Japanese jelly is called Konnyaku, also known as konjac jelly as it is obtained from konjac plants.

Much like kanten, konnyaku has low-calorie content – so feel free to add konnyaku to your guilt-free food list!

Another plus point for konnyaku is that it contains high fibre that eases digestion. Konnyaku can be made into shirataki (白滝 / しらたき) noodles, a great alternative to spice up your normal noodles routine! 


Send noods: shirataki means “white waterfall” in Japanese, in which shirataki noodles have a white, translucent appearance. 

If you are always on the run and need some quick bites to give yourself an energy boost, try this fruity flavour konnyaku jelly!

It’s available in two different flavours — Peach + Lychee AND Apple + Grape, perfect for those who wants to add some summer fun splashes into your life 🙂

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