Gopeng Riverstones: You Can Now Stay At This Private Resort From RM81 Per Person

Looking for a short natural getaway, but don’t wanna spend so much? Then this private resort is perfect for you!

Nestled far away from the hustle and bustle, just two hours away from Kuala Lumpur, Gopeng Riverstones Rainforest Retreat is a part of a vibrant Kampung community who loves nature and outdoor adventures.

What you can expect

Immerse yourself in nature, create stronger bonds with friends and family, and just chillax at this private resort!

Gopeng Riverstones comprises 5 cozy cabins, the main house, and lots of communal areas to hang out.

Now, the resort has opened its doors for smaller groups, where you are allowed to stay in your preferred rooms instead of booking per villa.

Air-conditioned living

After an adventure-filled day, you can come home to the comforts of Riverstones and cool off in your air-conditioned cabin, after cleaning yourself using the heated rain-style showers.

Natural Fun Activities

Both adults and children can enjoy walks around the all-natural, chemical-free swimming pool, and hop onto your jumbo floats to relax in it!

The Main House has a common dining area, kitchen, and lounge spaces for all to use. There are also outdoor fire-pits to BBQ as the sun sets.

On top of that, you will also get a private river access, for refreshing fun in the water or for fishing.

Other adrenaline-filled activities you can do at Gopeng include white water rafting and more.

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