This HALAL Instant Glass Noodle Is The Hottest New Trend In Singapore

Suan La Fen (酸辣粉) roughly translates as “sour-spicy noodles”, and the dish is known for its spicy, hot, delicious, savory and sour taste.

Recently, the one produced by Hai Chi Jia has gained overnight popularity in Singapore, mainly due to its distinct mala-like numbing sensation compared to traditional suan la fen.

Yes, the newest trend we’re dealing with is basically a continuation of the Mala trend, and this has immediately shot the 2-year old company to fame.

The best part is, this particular product is also certified HALAL! This is good news for those who have been craving to try our famous Hai Di Lao Self-Heating Hot Pot.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure, just look out for this label “Qingzhen” (Halal in Mandarin).

Like the brand’s other flavours, Suan La Fen comes with 6 packets of condiments, containing: seasoning powder, dried vegetables, black vinegar, fragrant fried peanuts and chilli paste and chilli oil.

Surprisingly, the compact instant cup contains 49 different ingredients!

Some people even say it’s better than Boat Noodle’s famous RM3 glass noodles. Well, there’s only one way to know — YOU be the judge by purchasing it here.

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