“Iron Eggs” Are Normal Eggs That Have Been Cooked In Soy Sauce/Tea & They’re So Good!

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Yes, you read that right – there are normal eggs (that you already have a thousand ways to prepare – sunny side up, scrambled, boiled, poached…), and then there are iron eggs.

First things first – let’s clarify that iron eggs, are in fact, not made of iron (what a relief!) Originating from Tamsui, a district in Taiwan, this savoury snack is aptly named for its dark colour and chewy texture.

These dark brown ovoids are basically eggs stewed in soy sauce and other spices until they’re hard boiled, and then sterilised and vacuum packed.

Not to be confused with century eggs which are preserved for at least 3 months, iron eggs are not made from duck eggs, but usually chicken or quail eggs.

The quail egg variant is especially popular as a tasty, bite-sized leisure snack. Their fun sizes and robust flavours will find you popping egg after egg in your mouth!

Iron eggs are one of Taiwan’s many world-famous local delicacies. You can find them at nearly every souvenir shop in all sorts of flavours you can ever imagine – spicy, salted, pickled and more.

Since Taiwan is slightly out of reach for now (😢, get your dose of iron eggs here today!

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