Japan’s Famous 24/7 Hypermarket Don Don Donki Is Coming To Lot 10, KL

Don Donki will open its first branch in Malaysia at the LOT 10 shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, nestled in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle.

It is reported that the location of the store will be in front of ZARA, however, the launch date is yet to be confirmed.

Low price, unique Japanese offerings

Don Donki is famous for its dazzling and low-cost products.

You’ll be thrilled with all the Japanese products and brands they have to offer, in which you can even indulge in bulk stocks, and go pretty much nuts!

The supermarket is conveniently divided to make all your unique snacks, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beauty, clothing and merchandise navigating easier.

Plus, it opens 24/7

Guess what, they’re open 24/7 in Japan! We hope it’s the same here too because that means you can grab all your last minute shopping needs any time.

What’s more, the one in Japan even has a canteen (like Ikea’s), and honestly, t would be great if the Malaysian installment will include this as well.

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