Lao Gan Ma – The Legendary Chilli Sauce That Even John Cena Can’t Get Enough Of!

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There are three types of people.

The first type: those who have never heard of Lao Gan Ma (what does it even mean??) and have no idea what is it.

In a nutshell, Lao Gan Ma (translated as Old Godmother in Mandarin) is a popular chili sauce brand. Over the years, they’ve birthed many types of chili sauces with different ingredient combinations, including garlic, fermented black beans, and peanuts.

If you’ve heard of Lao Gan Ma and know that it’s edible, but have never tried it before and don’t understand the hype behind it, then you’re the second type.

In that case, let’s spend a minute to watch how and why John Cena, a world-famous wrestler, swears by this sauce so much!

John Cena loves Lao Gan Ma

Lao Gan Ma is the best.

Posted by on Friday, 28 September 2018

Due to its versatility, this jar of savoury and spicy condiment has gathered quite a cult following, especially among Asians who are living abroad.

Aside from adding a burst of flavours to a meal, the best part is, you can literally eat Lao Gan Ma with anything!

Cucumber salad
Vanilla ice cream

College students in particular love it because there’s nothing easier to prepare than a meal of rice with a generous serving of this ~magical sauce~ that tastes like home.

Not to mention, it’s satisfyingly delicious without costing you an arm and leg!

Credits: TY MECHAM

Of course, you could also be the third type: a long-time die-hard fan of this miracle goodness.

Well then, we have just what you need — click here to satisfy your Lao Gan Ma cravings right now!

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