Luggage Level: Asian! Okay Be Honest, Do You Pack Like This Too?

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When you study abroad, of course, you would pack your luggage with all of the best local snacks and food to soothe your tummy when you’re feeling homesick. Apparently, the same goes to fellow travellers as well.

While some may fill up their luggage with different clothes every hour of the day for different occasions — the others, well..

Ever wonder what’s inside the luggage of Asian travellers? You’ll be surprised to discover that there are probably more food than clothes:

1. Sweatshirt, Samyang & SPAM

Source: Raymond Yu, SAT

Raymond Yu from Subtle Asian Traits on Facebook stated that Samyang & SPAM are his top priorities as he returns to Australia for his studies.

Who needs clothes when you have food… right? 😋

Get HALAL Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen Carbonara:

Get Meilin SPAM:

2. 5kg Worth Of Instant Noodles & Salted Egg Chips

Source: Nadia Mahmood

Our editor Nadia filled up half of her luggage with these goodies for her trip to Amsterdam and guess what?

All of the food weighed 5kg! Yes, it was apparently very máfan and she pledges to never do this again in the future. 🙃

3. A Full Bag of Salted Egg Yolk Chips

Source: Colin Seto

Meanwhile, Colin shared that he dedicated his entire luggage to these fish skin goods. Talk about preparing for winter!

As we all know, Salted Egg Chips makes a good snacking sensation when you’re watching Netflix, or for when you are burning the late-night oil to complete your assignments.

4. Not Just Ramen Noodles

Source: Michelle Miralles

Another student, Michelle, revealed that when she visited her family for the holidays, her mom insisted for Michelle to pack light because they’re going to go on a shopping spree.

Our initial thought is for clothes, but apparently, what her sweet mama meant was to stock up lots and lots of Asian snacks for her daughter. Aww!

Amazing Asian Food You Can Try

1. Haidilao Self-Heating Instant Hot Pot

Why not have this hot, sizzling self-heat instant hot pot while hanging out with your dormitory friends? Simply the best comfort food to stay warm and cozy during fall/winter.

Get Haidilao Self-Heat Instant Hot Pot:

2. Anmuxi Greek Yogurt Drink

After slurping on spicy instant noodles, don’t forget to cool down with a yogurt drink! This is definitely our go-to drink while binge watching Sky Castle 😉

Get Anmuxi Greek Yogurt Drink:

3. Machi Machi Milk Tea

If you are a Jay Chou fan since the 2000s, you’ll know machi more about this drink than the others 🤣 Sip this drink while studying + back-to-back Jay Chou playlist!

Get Machi Machi Milk Tea:

4. Wangzai Canned Milk Drink

China’s famous milk drink for your inner child! Another drink to tone down the spiciness of instant noodles.

Get Wangzai Canned Milk Drink:

5. Lay’s White Rabbit Candy Flavour Chips

This nostalgic candy is a must-have in every Asian’s childhood, and it’s now a Lay’s flavour! Be it to binge watch Netflix or just simply to satisfy your sweet tooth – this is a good snacking option if you want to switch it up from the usual salty flavours.

Get Lay’s White Rabbit Candy Flavour Chips:

Get White Rabbit Candy:

6. Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips

This snack is so popular in Korea till the Honey Butter Craze started, even temporarily suspended back in 2014 due to very limited stock.

Best oppa-tunity to be eaten when you’re on a K-drama marathon after long hours of hitting the books.

Get Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips:

Aunty & uncle be like: measuring luggage capacity.
Source: Evan Wazowski

Let’s be real, we’ve all been here! Share your luggage photos with us if you want to be featured 🙂

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