Potato Chips Too Mainstream For You? Try Taro Chips Instead!

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Whether you’re a junk food addict, a chip connoisseur, or simply a tired person in need of an energy boost in the form of some salted carbs, a bag of chips is always the unanimous choice.

However, if you’re itching for another flavour of crisps instead of the same old starchy potato ones, taro chips should be your pick!

On first glance, the vivid purple streaks on these chips may seem rather alarming, but it will be love at first bite once you try its rich, flavourful taste.

Ever got bored of chewing and chewing but it’s all just chip? The shredded taro in each chip make for an interesting texture, and will definitely up your snack game!

To relieve some of your snacking guilt, taro chips have 30% less fat and more fiber than their yellow counterparts, plus a lot more vitamin E.

You can also pair them with your favourite seasonings. Experiment with different flavours and textures!

Healthier, tastier and something new – why not? Get these yammy delights here!

P.S. You even have two unique flavours (Sea Salt Black Pepper and Green Lime) to choose from! Let us know which one you liked more 😉

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Posted by on Thursday, 6 August 2020

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