Review: Why Mantin Forest Art Farmstay Is The Best Value-For-Money Staycation

Mantin Forest Art Farmstay is the latest talk of the town!

Ever since the MCO ended, this lovely venue seems to be constantly packed with locals who want a quick escape not too far from Kuala Lumpur, as it’s located deep inside a forest in Negeri Sembilan.

Note: The road leading towards the farmstay is very kampung, so please take your normal car here. Unless you don’t mind a lil’ scratch here and there on your fancy new ride.

A place filled with comfort and beauty

I mean, just look at the pictures above! This place looks like the ones from big Hollywood movies 😍

Imagine waking up to this view while breathing fresh air, away from the city noise and overall just a peaceful place to lay down after a busy week at the office. So tranquil~

Timber Room (dorm) and Chalet Room

You can find a few range of accommodations here, including lovely private chalets and dorms (for a larger group of people).

The chalet can fit a king size bed and two single beds, perfect for families. Meanwhile, the dorms can fit up to 10 people!

All their chalets has lake view and of course, since we live in the unforgiving Malaysian heat, all room comes with air-condition and hot water showers.

Free activities for everyone + 4 meals daily

If you’re looking for a short getaway with your family, honestly, this is the perfect place for you!

There is huge lake which is clean and contains many Koi fishes, ducks, geese and even a couple of swans roaming around the lake.

You will only need to pay once, and the fee will include accommodation, all activities in the compound (except for fishing) and full board meals! That means, you will get breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper without even leaving the place.

Affordable stay

You not only get a serene staycation experience, but you will also be able to reconnect with nature while hanging out with your family.

The price will vary from time to time, especially during the weekend or peak seasons. So what you can do to save some money is, book your trip on Travelog to get up to 65% off!

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