Spend RM45 A Night At The Rucksack Caratel, A Caravan Hotel In Front Of Istana Melaka

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Calling all backpackers and budget-savvy travellers!

Introducing The Rucksack Caratel — a cosy hotel which boasts amazing caravan-like aesthetics. Perfect for your Instagram needs.

The uniquely heritage-blended hotel is located in front of the Melaka Sultanate Palace, which means that you will wake up to an amazing view of the castle when you stay at the Garden Wing.

Imagine waking up to this 😀

What’s more, the Christ Church as well as other popular spots like the historic Dutch Square, Menara Taming Sari, and Dataran Pahlawan are just a short walk away from this hip hotel.

Caravan Vibes

As you can see from the pictures above, this unique hotel features chalets or rooms that were designed to look like caravans, so for those who have been dreaming of staying in one, now is your chance!

Amazing facilities

Inside, you will get a flat-screen TV, aircond, single bed, double decker bed as well as a pullout bed. Yes, a hammock is also available in some rooms 😀

Don’t worry, a private shower room is also attached so you don’t have to leave your chalet if you don’t want to ~

On top of that, a large swimming pool is also available in the compound. So get your bikinis ready!

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