Haidilao’s “Self-heating” Hot Pot Is Gonna Make Your Life So Much Easier

“Self-heating” hot pot is one of the latest food trends to arrive in Malaysia!

ICYMI, hot pot is a popular comfort dish that’s usually enjoyed in a group. However, with this invention, gone are the days where you have to wait for your friends to accompany you to a hot pot restaurant.

You can finally eat it on your own — anywhere, anytime you want.

Various brands have started adding instant hot pot meals to their product line, but the one by Haidilao really caught our eyes.

It’s not a secret that Haidilao is the best hot pot franchise in the world, so we’re pretty excited about this!

Flameless heating technology

Inside the box, you will find various packets of ingredients, chopsticks, a spoon, and one ~magic~ heating pack.

The ingredients include processed beef and tripe, noodles, lotus root, potato, kelp, wood ear, bamboo shoots, and broth base of your choice.

When water is poured over the heating pack provided, it releases sizzling hot heat that warms up the pre-cooked ingredients in about 15 minutes.

Hot meal that’ll keep you satisfied for hours

Since the portable box is fully packed with essential ingredients, it’ll keep your tummy full for at least 6 hours. Hence why it’s popular amongst travelers, students as well as office workers.

There’s literally no hassle in preparing your meal, all you need is cold water, nothing more.

The best part is, it tastes amazing! Haidilao’s instant hotpot is flavourful, spicy and has a nice mix of ingredients that complement each other.

Curious? Check out our review video below:

🎬Haidilao's SELF-HEATING Hot Pot Review – Hit or Miss?

Posted by on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Fast forward to 30:00 for the review!

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