Wow, You Can Now Enjoy Self-Heating Hot Pot That Cooks Instantly

Hot pot lovers, we have good news for you 🙂

For those who have been waiting religiously for the day you can safely enjoy hot pot meals with friends again, wait no more, because self-heating hot pot meals have arrived in Malaysia!

Flamelss self-heating technology

The spicy pre-packed dish typically contains two self-heating bowls stacked together, where the inner one holds food, while the outer one holds a packet of one-time-use heating materials.

When water is poured over the heating pad, it will release enough heat to warm up the pre-cooked meal within 15 minutes.

Such an interesting way of cooking 🤩

Does it taste good?

According to one review, a customer said, “the hotness of red pepper and the flavour of Sichuan pepper will help stoke your hunger even when your appetite is down”.

Meanwhile, another review described the dish as the best substitute of the original thing, adding that the sauce hits all the right spots.

Plus, the wide assortment of ingredients also makes the portion more than enough for one person.

One pack usually includes beef, potato, seaweed, wood ear mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, depending on the brand.

Beware of the boiling water

However, although the plastic bowls are heat-resistant, please be careful when you’re “cooking” it.

The temperature in the hotpot’s plastic container will reach up to 100°C, which is extremely hot. So don’t burn your tongue!

🎬Haidilao's SELF-HEATING Hot Pot Review – Hit or Miss?

Posted by on Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Check out our review in this video (fast forward to 30:00)

The no-fuss meals are now especially popular among youngsters who are too busy to cook — despite being more expensive and less “instant” than other microwaveable meals sold at convenience stores.

It can be purchased here if you’re interested to know how it tastes like 🥵

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