Sliced Noodles: Chewy, Tasty, & Perfect For Those Seeking A Unique Noodle Option!

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Just like people, noodles come in many shapes and sizes that are all amazing in their own unique ways. Thick or thin, flat or stringy, there’s sure to be something you like!

However, if you’re feeling in the mood to try something new – check out these noodles with a fascinating name and an even more fascinating taste!

Known as dao xiao mian (刀削面) in Chinese, or literally translated as knife-shaven noodles, sliced noodles are a local specialty of the Shanxi province in China, and have now spread to most parts of the world.

Note the interesting appearance of these noodles that resemble ruffled sleeves! It takes years of practice and effort behind precise and skilful moves to prepare a bowl of sliced noodles.

Made by quickly shaving pieces of noodle dough off a loaf into boiling water, this technique gives you noodles that are thick around the centre but soft around the edges.

Sure to satisfy fans of thick noodles, sliced noodles promise a chewy and engaging bounce in every bite. They can be eaten in a tasty broth to get the full Chinese soup noodle experience, or even dry.

Stir up your noodles with any tasty sauce or condiments of your liking to enhance the texture even more!

What’s better than a piping hot bowl of sliced noodles? Sliced noodles with robust and aromatic beef soup!

Definitely a unique alternative for your usual noodle meal, get yours here today 😉

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