With Wine and Real Meat In It, Taiwan TTL Should Be Your Next Instant Noodles Pick!

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Admit it – growing up amidst warnings of how instant noodles were health hazards, all it did was make us love these convenient, flavourful pots of seasoned carbs even more (sorry, Mum).

However, these instant noodles by Taiwan TTL are in another league. The pieces of real meat and savoury broth will definitely elevate your late-night supper experience.

A state-owned manufacturer of tobacco and liquor, it may come as a surprise that TTL produces noodles, but their instant noodles are one of Taiwan’s bestsellers.

They certainly don’t scrimp on their ingredients, packing generous portions of noodles, meat and broth seasoning into packets or bowls (yes, they come in both!)

What’s more, the springy (or “QQ”, as the locals call it) noodles are seriously addictive and will leave you craving for more. When one packet isn’t enough and two packets too much – the struggle is REAL.

Available in two flavours, the sesame oil chicken is a classic crowd favourite, with the luscious ma you fragrance that will take you back to nostalgic days.

For the heavier palate, try their rice wine flavour! Be prepared to be swept away by the robust aroma of the alcohol-infused soup base.

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