The Colourful Cocktail Drink From Popular K-Drama “Doctor Stranger” Is Now Available In Malaysia

As we are currently stuck in our homes due to the MCO, a bottled cocktail wine range — RIO — has entered the Malaysian market!

Hailed from China, these cocktail bottles have actually made appearances in many popular dramas such as Silent Separation, Boss & Me, Scarlet Heart 2 and Stay With Me.

In fact, they’re so famous that they’ve even appeared in Korean dramas such as Doctor Stranger and You’re All Surrounded!

Rio cocktails come in vivid colours, designed to evoke the tropical feel of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro.

They are a hit with people who prefer lighter boozy drinks, since they contain less than 4% alcohol. It’s the perfect drink to chill out at home while watching Netflix.

The six flavours you can choose from include Fruit Punch & Vodka, Grape & Brandy, Lime & Rum, Orange & Vodka, Peach & Brandy, Rose & Whisky.

In case you’re feeling creative, you can also mix the drink with some fruits or soda!

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Posted by Deliciouse on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

For those who are interested, you can get them here 😉

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