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The Famous RIO Cocktail Wine Now Comes With A Vibrant New Look

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Looks like RIO Cocktail is leveling up their gram game for the “new norm, new me” approach, as it releases a brand new packaging for the popular Classic Series.

Although we didn’t start 2020 with a bang, we still hope that these colourful RIO Cocktails can brighten up our day a little!

Alcopop that totally looks poppin’

RIO is actually an alcopop – a fruity flavoured alcoholic beverage with a relatively low alcohol content, where RIO has 3.8% alcohol.

If you are a “lightweight” and totally not hardcore when it comes to alcoholic drinks, it’s time to drink up RIO 🍷

Best thing is you can now try RIO with 6 flavours: Blackcurrant Orange, Peach, Rose, Lime, Fruit Punch and Lime Cucumber – all packed in a new pop, stylish packaging!

Source: RIO Cocktail Official Weibo Page

Brand New Packaging That Doesn’t Disappoint

The new packaging is more vibrant and striking than the old one, unlike the old packaging where the RIO word only appear in black colour for all 6 flavours.

Now, you can see that each flavour description matches the colours of the drink inside.

Then vs Now of RIO Cocktail packaging.

On top of that, you can now easily distinguish which cocktail colour determines which flavour as the new packaging stated each flavour clearly.

No more fuss in choosing your favourite RIO flavour!

Why not have a RIO party (ok but still have to follow SOP) and style your clothes according to your RIO colour? PM if you wanna invite us hehe 🙌

Do you like the new look of RIO Cocktail? Tell us below!

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