The Viral Mermaid Frappucino Is Finally Arriving In Starbucks Malaysia

Indulging in a Frappuccino is a simple pleasure that Starbucks is constantly fueling.

There are the everyday flavours like mocha, caramel or java chip — and there are also many limited additions, including favorites that will pop up again from time to time.

Now, fans are currently raving about Starbucks’ latest limited-time beverage, the Fantasy Tail Frappucino a.k.a the Mermaid Frappuccino.

This gorgeous drink was originally introduced in 2017, and it was only available in Taiwan.

Thankfully, after years of drooling over pictures of the viral Mermaid Frappucino, it’s finally hitting our shores for the first time soon!

The drink’s blue and pink hue is believed to be made from a mixture of dragon fruit, mango and blueberry powder.

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Ahhh, we can’t wait! This pretty beverage is going to be a nice way to cool down our body from the scorching hot Malaysian heat 😍


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