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These 5 Yummy Mints Will Refresh Your Stinky “Face Mask Breath” & They’re So Cute!

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Now that you’re wearing a face mask, are you frequently assaulted by an unpleasant odour? Surprise! It’s your bad breath.

Although you may not have noticed it in the past, now that your breath is smacking you in the face, the smell is hard to ignore.

Luckily, mouth stink isn’t hard to solve. You have to find the right mint for your problem and say goodbye to the stinky breath.

Here 5 mints that can actually help you! And it’s SUGAR FREE too.

1. Sugar Free Mints

These Sugar Free Mints are a fast and tasty way to get fresh breath. They deliver refreshing sensation and completely free from artificial flavours and colours, cholesterol and lactose.

These mints come in four unique flavours, lemon, lime, watermelon and strawberry. Whether you’re a smoker, love garlic or just like the crisp flavour, these are great everyday mints.

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2. RIO Sugar-Free Mints

Some people love their strong flavour and how quickly and effectively they fight bad breath. These mint will be a perfect choice because it has two exclusive flavours, fresh lemongrass and frosty mints.

This frosty mint flavour comes with an extra benefit where it works a whitening agent too. Now you can keep your mouth fresh and teeth clean with these mints.

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3. Mintlab Chewy Candy

The chewy candies are small but incredibly powerful. If you like after-dinner mints that you can chew, these are the best breath mints to keep on hand.

These treats are available in Jasmine Grape, Rose Lychee, Cherry Blossom and Passion Fruit flavours for a little variety.

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4. Subzero Sugar Free Mint

Subzero Sugar-Free Mints are the quintessential mint choice on our list. These sugar-free mints come in handy which are easily stored in pockets, backpacks and desk drawers for when you need a moment of freshness. 

Besides, these tasty mints come in spearmint, jasmine & green grape and sea salt & lime flavours for a little variation in your mint choice. They also boast a crisp, smooth flavour that delivers instant refreshment too.

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5. Morinaga Hi-Chew Candy 

If you’re looking for a chewy, candy-like experience from your breath-freshening mints, then these products are definitely the choice for you.

You can enjoy these gluten-free chewy candies in uncommon flavours, including green apple, kiwi, mango, grape and strawberry.

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