Gu Da Sao’s Instant Wonton Soup Is The Only Thing You Need For A Satisfying Hearty Meal

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From Italian ravioli to Japanese gyoza to Chinese dumplings, pastry-wrapped savoury fillings are no stranger in most parts of the world.

Among all these, wontons are a type of dumplings that come from Northern China, but have been well-incorporated into our local Malaysian culture, most evidently in our kopitiam staple – wantanmee.

Carbs and protein packed into one serving – not only are wontons convenient and delicious, they are also extremely versatile.

While the fillings are usually shrimp or pork, you can always opt for other ingredients based on your liking.

Besides that, these little pockets of tasty goodness can either be eaten in a bowl of warm, flavourful soup, or fried to crispy golden perfection.

Before you even get to cooking them, wrapping wontons is an art by itself that requires skill and practice to master. Miss a corner, and all your fillings will end up spilling out in the pot.

Patience and perseverance are must-have traits as you neatly tuck and fold centuries of culture and heritage.

From prepping the ingredients to cooking the wontons at just the right temperature, each step requires heart and soul, and immense effort.

Whew, doesn’t it sound like such an ordeal? Fret no more, as you can get INSTANT wontons right here!

With Gu Da Sao’s instant wonton soup, all you need is boiling water and 5 minutes to enjoy quality dumplings!

Choose from three delicious flavours – Shrimp, Bone Soup and Spicy Soup (or stock up on all three, because why not 😉).

Rest assured as each wonton is hand-made and satisfyingly filled with quality ingredients to let you enjoy the taste of home in a bowl.

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