This Boba Hot Pot Cafe Is In Penang & It’s Perfect For Milk Tea Fanatics

It’s good to be in Malaysia. We love to experiment with food so much that there’s now a boba steamboat or hot pot!

Galaxy Tea Bar, located in Nagore Square, Penang, sells the bubble tea hot pot for 29.90 Malaysian ringgit (about $8).

This next-level obsession comes in a steamboat containing everything we’ve come to love about the uniquely Asian drink.

That includes tapioca pearls, milk tea and a bunch of delectable add-ons such as grass jelly, mango cubes and taro balls.

For starters, customers are given the option of either fresh milk or milk tea for a “soup base.”

They can then choose conventional fire or dry ice for a hot or cold dessert experience.

The best part is, you can even add water chesnuts in your boba steamboat!

To try it at home, simply prepare a big bowl, add in your preferred ingredients and use the delicious Tiger Sugar Bubble Tea (which comes in ready-made bottles) as the soup base!

There are many flavours to choose from, and our favourite is of course, the Yakult Cheese.

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