Why Is Greek Yogurt Better Than Regular Yogurt?

Over the years, the options in the yogurt aisle at the grocery store have increased greatly, with Greek yogurt taking up just as much space on the shelves as the regular stuff.

However, do you know what’s the difference between Greek and regular yogurt, and which one should you buy?

How they’re made

Well, for starters, Greek yogurt is thicker and denser than its non-Greek counterpart.

Where regular yogurt is almost pourable, Greek yogurt is nearly solid—you can practically stick a spoon upright in it. 

And that’s because Greek yogurt is strained extensively to remove leftover liquid and lactose, leaving behind a thicker-textured yogurt which is almost like cream cheese.  

The more concentrated the yogurt, the more concentrated the flavor—if you like the characteristic lactic tang that yogurt offers, you’ll love the thicker versions.

What Are The Differences?

Protein – Greek yogurt has almost double the protein of regular yogurt.
Fat – Unless you’re using the nonfat varieties, Greek yogurt has about three times the saturated fat than regular yogurt.
Sodium – Greek yogurt contains about half the sodium of regular yogurt.
Carbohydrates – Greek yogurt contains roughly half the carbohydrates of regular yogurt, but remember that adding sweeteners to either one will increase the carbohydrate count.

The one to choose really depends on your dietary preferences

Because of its thicker texture and tangier flavour, Greek yogurt is often used as a healthier substitute for sour cream, crème fraiche, or mayonnaise.

So which one do you prefer? If you love Greek yogurt, get them at a special price here!

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Posted by on Friday, 3 July 2020

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