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“Wu Zi Wei Mala Squid” Is The Perfect Snack For Spicy Mala Noodle Lovers

Are you one of those people who always add extra green chilies in every dish you eat? And eating one whole bowl of extra spicy ramen is no big deal to you?

Then, you should definitely try the famous mala snack by Wu Zi Wei Mala Squid!

We all know how amazing mala noodle tastes like. It’s a bowl of delicious goodness that comes with spicy and tangy soup, which promises an extra oomph with every slurp!

Now, you can get the same amount of pleasure from this snack!

Mala Snack Ready To Fire Up

This newly launched Wu Zi Wei Mala Squid is a perfect snack for all spicy lovers out there.

It’s not only spicy and crunchy, but tender and has an amazing smell as well!

This affordable marinated squid comes in a cute packaging that’s very handy for you to carry in your pockets or lunch bag.

Of course, the sealed packaging ensures that it’s always fresh, so you can eat it anytime, anywhere you want.

Pro tip: You can have it with a bowl of rice or just munch while working or watching your favourite episodes of Crash Landing On You.

According to research, munching spicy snacks while working will increase productivity and make our mind alert all the time.

Plus, it will lower the risk of heart diseases, fight cancer, and most importantly, can help you lose weight! Get the spicy mala snack right here.

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